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Music Submission Guidelines




Thank you for your interest in submitting your music to Windspeaker Media Radio stations.

Please read the following guidelines carefully regarding the submission of your music content:



  • All submitted music will be checked for quality, and must adhere to CRTC broadcast guidelines
  • Music that is deemed inappropriate will not be given airplay.  A key consideration when submitting your song is to provide a radio edit. This may mean censoring any swearing on the track, and it may mean adjusting the track to ensure it isn’t too long (3-4 Minutes Max)
  • Only MP3 or WAV tracks will be accepted.  Links sent to download from Spotify, Dropbox, YouTube, I-tunes, or any other streaming site, will be ignored.  (With exception to DMDS Service)
  • Cover songs will not be given consideration for airplay. No exceptions.
  • Provide a short bio - a couple of facts about yourself.
  • Once you submit your song, it will be reviewed by the Music Department. We will give it a listen and see if the recording fits in the programming format for one of our radio stations. 


Please keep in mind that we receive many submissions, so sometimes it can take a bit before a release is reviewed.

When our team reviews your music, and if we accept it for airplay, we will notify you via email.


Please submit your music via email to:








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