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Tsuut'ina Nation re-elects Roy Whitney as chief for 12th term

“My pride in my Nation grows each year as I witness the unique ability of Tsuut’ina people to embrace the idea that the preservation of our culture and language depends on our ability to drive economic development, create jobs and prosperity, and ensure a future of hope for our young people"


Voters of the Tsuut'ina Nation returned Roy Whitney to the position of chief.

Whitney will return for his 12th term, which runs until 2025. His 1984 appointment lasted 17 years.

“I didn’t grow up wanting to be chief,” says Whitney, who says his pride in his culture and love of his fellow Tsuut’ina people was instilled in him early in life by several of his female elders, all of whom he called granny. “My parents (Roy and Monica) also taught me the importance of hard work.”

New councillors named as part of Wednesday's election included:

  • Kelsey Big Plume
  • Paula Big Plume
  • Stanley Big Plume
  • Emmett Crowchild
  • Andy Onespot Sr
  • Kendall Jacobs
  • Leon Littlelight
  • Steven Crowchild
  • Vincent Crowchild
  • Paul Whitney
  • Tyson Heavyfire
  • Regena Crowchild




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